DOMESTIC VIOLENCE-Okoa Jamii initiative

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE-Okoa Jamii initiative

1 out of every 3 women experiences domestic violence in their lifetime. The rate is at 35% globally. These are only those that see the day of light and get heard of. Now imagine how many cases go unpunished and unspoken.

Okoa Jamii is an online platform for anonymous gender-based violence reporting that helps women speak up about human rights violation against them. The platform allows people to report matters about rape, Domestic violence etc… The platform also organizes the data into regions and to show the parts that are more affected. This technology provides a platform that raises the crying voices of  oppressed unheard Mothers, Women and Girls. It gives them a platform to improve their access to justice.

Stand Against Gender-Based Violence

Mission: Empower our Women and bring offenders to justice.
Vision: Advocate for justice through innovative software solutions.

Gender-based violence mostly goes unpunished because who commit them are family members and close relatives. The victims fear to report. In the event they want to, they do not know the procedures. They do not know  where to report. Okoa Jamii will enable the victims or any witnesses to report such crimes. We will make sure it reaches the competent authorities.

Consequently, I came up with Okoa Jamii after witnessing a neighbour continually abused by the husband.  Tried ignoring it for a while until it became too much to just keep quiet about. Asked her why she doesn’t report the problem and she said that she doesn’t even know where to get help from!!

Everyone should be empowered to speak up for their rights and I vowed that “As long as I breathe I hope that I will one day help women all over the world speak up against these injustices.” Okoa Jamii is the tool I am going to use to achieve this dream.

However, I can’t do it alone!
Together we are stronger!
You can help save a life!
You can put a smile on a woman’s face!

Help Us

Will you help us raise KES 450,000?

Paybill No: 961700
Account No: 20723

The funds will be directed towards implementation of the platform and activating a USSD platform. A woman who doesn’t have access to a smartphone can also access justice from the convenience of her Kabambe!

FInally, when courage, genius, and generosity hold hands, all things are possible. It is more rewarding to watch money change the world than to watch it accumulate.

Thank you in Advance.

God bless you

Abubakar Mbarak has three years of experience in various fields in the community development sector, especially youth empowerment and gender equality. Abubakar earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.He is the founder and team leader of Okoa Jamii initiative which is a software application which seeks to address the rising cases of gender-based violence in Kenya. (

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